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Hi guys..How are you ?? I am doing great. I know I don't know why I keep on disappearing and make post and keep it on draft seriously...??  The house took a lot of time from everyone at home but now we are done actually almost done my poor sis room is not close to done . She's getting a whole new room.

Today my sis dragged me wanting to get a new shoe for when she goes back to work . Instead I went shoe shopping and she didn't find anything of her size or what she likes and the shops got closed cause of the prayer . Now we are home and her friend is over to help her out clean her room ..I need to have friends like that hahahaah

I still need to go shoe shopping whether for heels,flat or shoes. Now basically I wont be taking my sis or moms shoes ahaha they are happy of that I never bothered to go and get one ..Love the nike shoes its so comfortable cause of the wedge . As for the adidas it's padded it feels like cotton when you walk on it which is perfect for me . I have got my eye on another nike shoes .

PS. Eid Mubarak for the ones who are not on instagram @mereyamgoda :D