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Morning guys ....Its 10:14 now and I am feeling proud and energetic. I just finished my yoga yipieee all on my own following a video and I am blogging while sweating in the coach I know ewwww. A quick blogging never hurt anyone. So today I have an interview (yes still broke and struggling :) so hopefully it will go well . You know I have gone to so many interviews and best advice I'd give, go with full confidence and never settle for less (then what you deserve) it doesn't mean that you can't get a job .. Back to plans of today than after a few errands I have to go visit a friend that is just her for a few days and will be leaving soon...Got to go getting to sticky sorry to much info ..with love

 Its a few weeks old the shoes I brought it from Stradivarius the shoes and rings had to get it loved the golden detail in the front of the heels. I just noticed that I need to go heels/wedges/pumps shopping . All the old ones are out.