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Morning guys ...I just got in after a long & fun day. We have been at a friends house for her daughter's birthday (kids) so I took my nieces and went at midnight 1:00 am (keep in mind its ramadan so life and the streets are crowded 24hrs). Her girl was to eager for a birthday so we all gathered for her sang and ate a cake.And played skate board , I gave up on it they kept on trying and falling ahahah unfortunately didn't snap about it .We stayed till morning and went to the mall at 7:30 am so early never opened like that except during ramadan. Checked out a few things and brought a few makeup/perfume products that I ran out from. It's crazzzy crowded people are everywhere as if they are giving free clothes ahhahha. We just went in and out in an hour because we all had specific things and got out .
The house is getting a little frame everything is getting in its place. I fixed a few things up and I am still not sleepy but don't want to over do it or I'll get into sleep coma later on(no balance at all). I am going to try to take a nap Good night and Good morning for those who are starting their day ....