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Yesterday, I made this dish which was my first time . It came out good which is why I can blog about it :D and less sugary then its suppose to be just to be healthy.


Kunafa ,
Cream ,
Milk ,
Corn Starch ,
Butter ,


1.Prepare the filling. I made the muhalabya(I don't know what its called in english) It's just a heated milk and a little milk in a bowl mixed with starch then added to the pot. Stir till its thick.(If you want you can only add the cream)

2.Next the kunafa you melt the butter and add it to the kunafa and mix it all .Later on you will divide since its two layers.

3.After the muhalabya cools down add the cream to it .

3.Last step, put the first layer of kunafa on the pan and spread it. Then add the muhalabya or the cream which ever you prepared. Then add the kunafa on top of it and spread it on the pan .
 Then its ready for the oven . I preheated the oven 200 then when I put the pan I lowered it to 150 .

You can add the sweet topping. Its just water and sugary heated till melted and poured on the top.