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                                         Just random pictures from my snap and phone..

Its midnight 3:39 am and I can't sleep probably cause I have been sleeping all morning ..yep to the extreme. How have you been doing..I got viewers but never comment I promise I can't bite through writing :D..(but in reality I can ;)

Since my friend and I are free as a bird , well I am she will be in a few days off work. So I went with her and then went horse riding and to an engagement . Yep that's what happens when you have got to many free time on your hands. I have been just flowing with who ever got fun activity to do .

I didn't have a dress to wear, fortunately I borrowed from her the dress and shoes. Even though she is petite and found a shoe that fits me and its big on her ,as well as me but it was good enough :p..It's definitely showed ever curve especially since I have been gaining weight which I should be watching out :/ yea right (so whats for dinner ahahaha) . I really thought (so did my friends commented embarassing ) kardashians better watch out cause shes got competition with that a** and mine is all real ahahah . I should get serious about this ..gym where are you ??