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(These two rooms are the only kinda empty and decent to take picture of as for the other rooms it's a mess everything is on top)

Good afternoon...My day starts really late but hey at least I catch a bit of sun. 
This is whats been keeping me busy for a while we have been changing the house . Everything is a mess and rooms are empty things are being thrown out ,it feels great when  everything is new . It feels lighter, I don't know how though. 
It's mostly my poor sis who's doing the work I mean she goes around checks on things and does the appointment when to come to set what we have bought. All the decisions which is better , I am the adviser(|no this is better , I don't like this ).
 Hey it just crossed my mind when I have my own company of Interior design I 'll definitely hire her to be a manager she is really good (even though she drives me crazy but good crazy ) . She's very organized  and punctual the opposite of me , we really push each other . I now put more effort to be organized and more attentive of my things(I don't even know what I have in my closet) . I am teaching her how not to have rituals and how to be unorganized sometimes (bad influences ahahah) No but really she just like mom too much rituals . At least not like my mom her way or the high way and I always take the highway ahaahah (kidding)..

I got to get ready , my sis friends are throwing her a birthday party ....Lets all wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!