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hey guys !! How are you ? Its 7:00 pm and we are making it family day today . Since the whole week we have been out and about . So today the usual I am going to make cake (a little different) and maybe a pizza I'll see about that and a friend is coming to hang out .

Yesterday , we went horse riding with friends and family. It was my first time apparently I am the only adult with the kids ahhaahha. It was a fun day and really windy , while some were riding the horse we went roaming at the field and taking pictures .When it was my turn I was so scared, I don't know if others feel that while standing beside the horse you feel small , riding the horse you feel every bump and high al mighty eheheh... The man who was holding the horse was even laughing(and everyone) at me .....:P It's really difficult to just balance yourself none the less when you are making the horse run or walk fast I don't know how they do it there were even , younger kids 3, 4 years old riding a horse ..gosh...I was just praying not to fall ....  My sis and I decide to get a membership at the field for horse riding , so we can go twice a week we will see if that happens its quite far away but worth it .

Shirt - Le chateau
Beanie - H&M 
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - Rina

Horse had to do it while we were riding (horse sh*t ahahaha)


ahahahaha love this picture couldn't get up