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Last Night 

Morning guys , it's aftenoon and I started my day early today .Even though I slept after midnight .After fixing my schedule whether you slept in late or early you would be wide awake with the sunrise . I guess that's what I wanted except the days that I want to sleep in late.  

Yesterday. we had a unplanned family outing even though I wasn't in the mood but we had fun. Except the part where my nephew is a stubborn child so he didn't come including my mom to babysit him(long story kids these days o_0 i sound like granny). We went to this mall that had games. Apparently we went there before with a friend but my sis and I completely forgot and roamed around the mall enjoying our time chit chating and my niece's nagging where is the games but kept them busy including my sis with an ice cream . We asked the salesman and they lead us to games section. I am starting to worry about my sis and I our brain is not functioning anymore our memory is getting worse and worse maybe cause we have no interest I don't know we just broke down laughing at our self (maybe early senile). We have been there before and played there with a friend and her kid. It was boring for us in the beginning but they were having fun i was just taking pic and laughing at them . We all had a blast when we went in a 3D game where we had to shoot a zombie and my 5 year old neice cried and since I am good aunt I laughed at her while playing for both of us ahahahah , she couldn't leave in the middle of the game with all the effect happening . And I won the first place :D. A few hours later a friend came by and we played the again without my neice she was sitting out playing with the mobile. I didn't like much the 2nd time we played since we played the alien this time not the zombie which is much cooler :D either way it was still 3D . When I have my own home I will have a room full of games including the 3D ones hihih everyone will be over to hang out and play (the cool room). We then caught up with the kids at cafe with a group of friends we hanged out for a little while and got back home. Perfectly unplanned .

Hope you guys have good day ahead .........