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Tourist in old jeddah

We went to the old town and I got to say this . I am reallly starting to worry about my self , my memory is becoming reallly bad ...aging to soon :/ . We have been there many times , every time they had festival (okay maybe not every time) but still I remember few things only.

I had a previous post about a summer festive at the same old town.
So this time it was my friend and I and the others caught up with us later . It's really small , it didn't take us long to roam the place .. I took a few pictures and videos.. I loved how they were also singing old children rhymes(that I have no idea off) but my friend did. And selling traditional food . They were also dressed in traditional clothe , I liked the wrap on their head :p . They were showing professional photographers pictures in an old home , hanging it around the room and just placing it in the room . There we got to see they way they lived back then .

Finally,we sat ate and took photos ..It reallly surprises me that I don't know much about my city..I felt like a tourist...ahahaaha