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Panic planned

 I just got back from the dentist .Last night my teeth were killing me , all I got to see is my teeth not in the normal position . No doubt , I panicked and started getting ready to blow up at my dentist the next day.

I called and checked if he is in ,picked up myself and went directly(running like a maniac) to him . I threw a little tantrum that my teeth is ruined (can you blame me I have got no spare teeth :p) he checked and its just my wisdom teeth moving for whatever reason which is why its paining . I still kept on panicking that it is cause of the pressure , fortunately not and I am definitely not going to extract anything kept on reminding my dr. need to save all my teeth for when my old age . I was really relieved when he said that everything is going as planned and that in a few weeks time to remove it , can't wait ..I am over this blahhhhh