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Thur, Fri, and Sat

This is what I was up to in thoose three days . Our friends and we threw a surprise party for our friend . We planned with her mother and went over at her house at night(while she was sleeping) ,we set everything up as fast as we could . Even though we were quite but we got busted by her in her pjs . We didn't notice when she entered till a few screamed out of surprise ahhaaahh it was such a fun day.These are few of the pics that I can share ...

Friday is lazy day for me . Slept late and stayed in bed late (well not that late). Evening a friend of ours picked us up , we were suppose to be going out to hang . But apparently it was kids day (this time her nephew and nieces) not mine and they are waaay quieter then my nephew and neices hahaha not crazy like ours. But we had fun .