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Just Saying

GOOD MORNING! How are guyz ? I am feeling waaay better now. I stayed home yesterday wasn't feeling well , both my sis with the kids went to the beach to hang , the weather is unbelievable windy , cold breeze extremely rare in a desert .  I made my breakfast today egg bread it was really good , but couldn't eat much.

The day before yesterday was my friends birthday so we all gathered to throw for her a surprise party , which ended up at her house after we went to the restaurant . When we reached there the manager said, we aren't allowed to celebrate a birthday o_0 . So we had the cake kept at the restaurant refrigerator till we left (without her knowing of course) . It was really funny seeing her at the door restaurant with our other friend waiting for us(she knew of the surprise ) while we were at the car . Of course we were busted since she knows, how the car looks. We laughed so much watching her and taking picture while she called us on the phone and saw her roaming looking at us  being skeptical . We screamed when she came and busted us while one of my friend was talking to her she was like in 5 min we will reach , 5 MIN AND SHE OPENED THE DOOR AHAAHA ......