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Taking a Slide

Good morning ! My student is over and they almost left since I was in a deep sleep. But my mom was out  so she saw them and let them in . We went yesterday to the beach , it was extremely windy , and with the fam . I played with my nephew and nieces skates which I haven't for soo long .It looked really easy and I felt that I still remember how to play . The minute I got to stand on those skates nothing came flowing back , the confident that I had by watching and remembering was gone . I was lead by kids , a few minutes and I got the hang of it but of course I needed  the fall at the end holding a pole on it a sign . I miss those skates that I use to have and be good at ...I am thinking of getting them back into my life maybe a skateboard since I never played that when I was younger .... What was your favorite game ?