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Now is better than later

I just got home from my friend after she filled my head with a lot of information, and my stomach with a lot of food (and I brought the dessert ;). I always go to her if I am lost with my books even though I ended up remembering or figuring out my program is messing with me . I have fun studying with her and hanging out.

My whole body is aching from yesterday's yoga which I haven't done for a while and it was a crazy one . I get snatched by my sis to go shopping and walk back home which is quiet far away and end up home perfectly fine.(and of course the snacks to entertain us back home) We reach home with junk food for the movie night , they were watching ice age (I don't know which part) , after we stuffed the kids with whatever they wanted. It was the grown up time we saw what was is called ahh Just wright it had queen latefah in it so of course we all had to see it was good a little annoying though the twist in the movie. I am back to work after getting a brush up .

ciao :*