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Learning is learning

(I don't remember where I found this pic , its one of the pictures in my gallery for inspiration that I like so no link here ,love the wool , and dramatic vibe and lashes especially the messy hair ;)

hey guys , how r u doing .. I am better today and felt like blogging, since I havent blogged for a few days I was feeling so unmotivated and uninspired , I guess I needed to recharge . I am done with my usual routine for today (teaching,teaching). I've got my course tomorrow (Photoshop) , I am actually getting better in it, I got to know a few things how to change colours, remove blemishes to much of the commercial then what I should be doing (floor) . Since I get assignments it forces me to sit and work on it . I have issues using the laptop for long I just cant stay seated for long , now that most of my work are on net that gets me straight (never hate anything it will come and bite you in the a**). I was never a techno or those computers things ...not anymore.