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Gosh Sunday !

 Its SUNDAYYYYY . Nothing exciting about that just that I dont knoow how it became sunday where did sat,friday ext go . I remember I was drowning in books ..jeez I will never get use to how time flies by . We visited yesterday a friend who I havent seen since middle school and my sis who she was with in class , for a few years . She is quite the comedian , we laughed so much and had fun. I actually wasn't dedicated to my books as I make it seem cause the day before it we went to the mall with my siblings and had our day . I brought this caramel coffee which I forgot since I haven't drank it for a while that it gives me a stomach ache that I cant bare even thought I love the drink . It got me crazy . I dragged my sis with me to the toilet and when we reached their my stomach would calm down and if I sat for long it would ache again haahahah I kept on roaming the mall till we were picked up and got home