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It was suppose to be ..

Good afternoon, this post was meant to be posted yesterday night but came back from a friends gathering and into a deep sleep  ..So yesterday we had gathering and everyone came with a dish and I made a lasagnai ,of course forgot to take a picture of what I cooked(I almost forgot it was a mutual effort my sis and mom helped everyone was doing a part of the dish I did the sauce and the white sauce , spaghetti and they did the other part the chicken the finishing) , which was in the last hours before leaving . This time it was reallly good, it was the first dish at the gathering that finished(I am not just making it up cause I made it :p) applauding ...Friday in our house is family day so everyone is over with the kids, eating ,drinking , loud conversations. Friday is lively day . I will be going for my power walk early today cause I might be going to a wedding so I thought I will try to prepare early this time, instead of the usual last minute. I will also be going to my dermatologist appointment ... Hope you have a great Friday :D

 I got 5 of these from my sis friend apparently she does handmade jewellery ,detailed that I like....