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Gathering and gaining

My family and I celebrated today ethiopian christmas it was simple and just a gathering with the traditional ceremony ... After my student left who was very late cause their parent picked them up late , we went out for our power walk ... I am one of those people who gain weight by breathing air ahahah and lose weight really quick so my weight is going up down in a week and even though I don't weight my self often I can feel it when I have gained especially the rear and my breast I dont mind that except the ass part I am so conscious about that  0_o..Lets not get into that ..So I will make sure for at least two weeks daily do power walk and yoga ....Its really annoying when your body weight is up and down in few days so I have to be conscious about that . If I was just naturally slim , that would have been amazing well not really cause I need my curves , it makes my clothe look good ..but at least I wouldn't worry about my weight or full and stable or the food part bad/long digestion ... So who is unstable as I am ..what do you do to stay fit and balanced ?