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From the day before yesterday to today

Hi there , I haven't posted yesterday since I had my friend over early in the morning at 8 , we went out and caught up with my friends from work and uni who I haven't seen for a while,almost a year . It was really fun , although we planned to meet up at a friends home , then we changed to cafe and ended up meeting at ikea... which was fine since my friend wanted to buy a lamp for her brother... After that I hit the bed really hard(since I was awake for a day) till 5 in the morning .Today my sis ,friend and I will be going to this event that shows old jeddah , I will try to vlog today that would be cool and post it her ....if its not that bad .. I have been having my dinner early these few days(fake diet but what the hell might as well try) ..I just ate and now I am too tired to get ready..