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Repartiation of illegals in Saudi Arabia

Gosh , I don't know where to start . I am sure the whole world knows about whats going on in Saudi arabia especially about the ethiopian protest globaly. Its just so disturbing whats going on , I just saw on fb that was posted by one of my friends ,where this person was being abused , I couldn't even continue watching after 1 minute . There is so much of these video where workers are being abused and degraded into such inhuman way.
Whatever your nationality or your position, what happened to respect and humanity . I can't say it's all the people (Saudi Arabia) but those people who are abusing and behaving in such way , are barbaric and shouldn't be allowed in society with their ignorant mentality. The way they handled the repatriation of the illegals was just so messed up , how could they haul them as if they are some kind of a herd , seriously there were times that  people(different nationalities) gathered under the bridges waiting for the police to pick them and that was seen by my elder sis coming from school. You can see many outrageous things on youtube and the people who died . All these chaos started happening from November , that's when there last warning on illegals (what I personally think just wanting foreigners to leave) ended . If they organized and handled this process in much decent way ,because you can't even deport all those people at once . It will take almost a year to remove all the illegals who are just looking for work . Point is I really hope and praying all those people reach there homeland safe . Its such a shame ...