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// Just reached home after meeting up with a friend at a near cafa which I use to like because they use to have a delicious dessert unfortunately to say no more . There coffee and there cake was unpleasant to me, but I enjoyed the hang out . Today was the first day back to uni but I didn't go I might go tomorrow though I am not sure ...I am just ehh not in the mood . You know when you reach a level where you are not in the mood for everything .. That's me lately everything is getting on my nerves even though I mean I am grateful and I do my usual routine ..maybe its time to find a job , an office job to work at . I am working already teaching but it is time for a change . Since summer I haven't been working since the saudia arabia issue where I am sure everyone knows that you have to be sponsored by the company :/ that was a bummer because I had an offer for marketing position that I was interested in as well as other offers but the stupid problem since then no one was hiring but now I think there back to hiring since a lot of business/schools have laid off a lot of employs. I will have to see what to do ...

Wish me luck