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Gone in the plane

Early Morning , I would be the first to wish you a good morning, the sun still didn't rise a few more minutes.   My sis is leaving today , so we went to do some errands with her yesterday . We also had to fill her cravings , we ate mutabag that's what its called again didn't take pic , and drank our, or should I say my favorite drink which is some thing similar to tea and its a yemeni drink called adeni :) I will post on  how to do it. Ended the day with an ice cream , only me of course ,everyone was full I didn't eat much wasn't in the mood. We wanted to to watch a movie together and what a bad choice we chose, " the best holiday" , I definitely don't like those kind of movies . the funny part is I have watched the 1st part with her and should have insisted not to watch ow well it's done. .....I didn't post this hours ago ..cause I went to the airport my sis forgot her work laptop at home so we ended up going to give her . I didn't mind since I wanted to go out ...
 blog you later ;)