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From Today to Yesterday

Hey guys , I just got home from ikea again , I know I mentioned last time that I wont be going there again but a friend of mine wanted to buy a few things and needed us to go with her,so we went . Anyway , she brought a few thinks for her home and office . For her office she brought a plant which was really funny who thought purchasing a plant would take a long time seriously we couldn't even decide, to big ,to small to tilted ahaha it was funny we were roaming around in circles and decided on a long money kind of plant I am not sure if its the correct or the right name for the type of plant .  Yesterday , we went out to a party with my friends , point is I noticed that I am such an old lady , we would dance and have a blast , maximum an hour or so and I would be like lets go , I have had enough , hahah if it wasn't that we left late and got home late so we didn't stay long . I took these pictures on the way while driving , I took advantage of the street light , I thought it was cool . Forget to take pics of me :p