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My Sis

Today I was going to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen for a while but the day before she dropped I think a pan or something on her foot ... I couldn't stop laughing at her when she told me it's just the way she said it , and for some reason she is been negative lately talking about how she is jinxed ..hahah I am such a bad friend .. anyway my asian sis ( I think she looks asian will post a pic of her some other time) came yesterday  midnight from dubai. She is staying for a few days. We are having a movie night now and watching "insidious" which I think looks lame but she is insisting on watching it...0_o some super natural thing...WHAAAAAAAAAAT I am writing this post and they both just left me saying they are sleepy ..bastards ..anyway I guess will watch it alone while rolling the pile of socks .... Have a good night :D