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Where to immigrate too ??

I know that sometimes my post are reaally depressing , you know like writing something negative ,but you got to understand that its the shit that's in my life that i am trying to change/remove it. The last few days I am feeling really depressed because i am putting effort and time in doing something yet i don't see the progress and it's reallly frustrating especially when you have got all your hope on it , like this is whats going to get me out of her or this is where the benefit or the good change that I need. I might not finish my university so I have been looking through my options since I don't nor can I stay in this country anymore , I have had it (all I have been doing/thinking is leaving this country since I was 15/16)  . There is just no future for me here . I am still looking into my options and I don't know why but I have been wanting to go to sweden ? What do you guyz think is it a good place to start a fresh new life ??? I am confused maybe paris who knows ....