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Model Finale

Yeahhh , it's over I was done of the project yesterday and the submission was also yesterday and I was crazy happy . This is how it went . So the day before yesterday my sis and I were working on it (the gluing and cutting at the same time I was cursing at myself for choosing a whole restaurant to make instead of  something simple like everyone else just a living room) till the next day we were focusing on the model and I thought I can wrap up the plan in a few minutes point is ran to uni cried(drama) a little because all I could think off all my hard work will be pointless if its not perfectly complete to submit . So a little help of talk(positive talk there is still time :P ,now thinking about it I am laughing at my reaction) from my friends everything went will I got my colours and finished it fortunately I had time. This is my first model/Restaurant I thought its not bad at all I mean if its understandable to look at that's great. This project felt like a burden because it was the first time and I felt like a lost case :/ sigh . I will try to complete it  much more just for me like the roof and adding a few things as well as expanding . Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (jumping up and down it's over babe :D)

Ps. I wrote this post the next day I gave in my project...but posted late due to interruption of my blog problem..I will see if I can post my friends project