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Just me

Happy friday guyzzz! Now that I think of it, whats with the happy friday I mean I want my whole week to be happy not only friday or saturday hahah . Never mind , yesterday we (when I say we its my sis and I) went out with my friend and ended our day at an egyptian restaurant called Studio masr which was really good and I wasn't really hunger but after they served the appetizer (sorry no picture I was too hunger to remember but I took a pic of the dessert :) that we ordered which was vegetable sambosa and hamus and the bread I dont know all the names but i definitely knew how to eat it fast haha :D I couldn't even start on our main dish , that's how good it was. Today I made pizza and baked a cake the cake was fine but thee pizza was a disaster  O_o its been a while since I made it but god , well it wasn't that bad since its edible :) don't you agree people ahah ..Off to enjoy my buna (you guyz should know what it is by now)

Have a great day !!