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                 A picture of ciara that's what I actually wanted the first thing that I thought of ..

I have been thinking of braiding my hair, so I have been looking online for some pictures to refer to and my god there is a lot of hair style that is twist and turn and god knows what so I decided to settle for something simple that wouldn't take long to do nor to undo. Anyway my sis will probably kick me if I came up with something that would take forever . She is sick now so when she gets better I will ask her to do for me, everyone around me is getting ill I guess there is some virus going on and her I am standing strong thank god for my better immune(not true probably will catch it later i hope not though :) when I braid my hair well lets just say its not that decent.  This is what I think would look good on me so simple and wouldn't take more than a few minutes.

AHAHAHHAAH , I found this pic really funny , he looks good with his braids (as long as he doesn't speak ;p )