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Semi Done

Good morning,
I am writing this post in bed before I sleep, I have been awake since yesterday(I'll tell the story from yesterday). I went to the stationary that is a bit far of from my neighbourhood to get the left tools I needed for my model with a friend and my sis . So we went and it wasn't a useful stationary but we tried to get the best of what's there and changed my plan. We passed by the supermarket to get snacks for our movie night and we were picking up all the junk food that we could get our hands on 0_o (as if we are starving for junk food). Anyway it took us hours to settle for a movie we went through 4 or 5 movies before we decided to watch" Now you see me" which my sis and I have already seen it but my friend hasn't and my other sis and her kids(nephews and nieces) but they didn't stay for long and we both liked it so we didn't mind going for another round . After the movie night was over I started working on my model with my sis trying things and deciding. We accomplished well for today and I am off to sleep need to wake up early and wrap up my project as soon as possible ...

Wish me Luck...and good Luck to whatever you guys are up too.... :D