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Good morning,
I am having my tea and preparing myself to get in the mood of studying . Yesterday we went to a private beach which was great but I couldn't take picture because apparently it's not allowed 0_o and last time I went there was about 3 years ago and it was okay but it changed and not in a good way . Anyway I had my family and friends so we had fun we swam no one drowned/ate/laughed/scrubbed my skin with the beach sand my skin feels so soft now :D some people we don't know started scrubbing like us and we just turned the beach into spa time (I wanted to take some sand with me but I thought that was to weird) ahahaah , tanned/as much as I can , I know I am already brown (I think it's a pale brown if that makes sense) , I wanted to get darker/fresh but now that I see don't think I got the tan much , it needs to be more than once I guess. That was a good break before my almost 2 weeks of exams starting from tomorrow. OW I almost done with my tea now time to get cracking...


  1. This is great i love you blog alot and i admire how you made this this is a good talent