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I know ...What it is

How was your day ? Mine was fine . I went swimming with my family and a friend with the kids and it was cool we had fun and a change .I just swam for a few hours and that was it for me . I seriously have to get my self into a gym to swim 3 to 4 times a week I am extremely getting out of shape .When you don't swim often or a few times a month you tend to get tired quickly the few hours you are in the water and I rarely go to the beach/swimming pool like I use too . I was feeling alright when I got home I showered , had music on and suddenly it just hit me all those negative thoughts and I started crying I thought I was over this depression that just overtakes me . Lately I have bit been having those mood/thoughts . Maybe its just because I am holding on to those negative feelings/things that I am not able to let go . I think I am losing it () .........  I am just going to think that I am just feeling overwhelmed ...