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I am on it ..Seriously ;)

Hey guys ,
 how are you ? Lately my posts has only been once a day (lazy me) no actually because of my project that is taking long not because its a model but because of me . Remember my last post where I said I am screwed yep that's the project but today I did the basic so now I am at the work process I hope it ends up looking decent I don't really want it fancy just "decent" . I don't know  why I wasn't on it yeeeek but now I am . Since I had my lecture today and the teacher pointed out on why I am so late, I felt bad I got my basic straight with her so now I am on it . If it looks great I will take a picture and post :) it . Moving on I was watching grey's anatomy while working (half the time I wasn't listening) I can't believe they are in season 10 its been going on for ten years god I was 14 when it started 0_o I heard they will be ending I use to watch it but stopped at season 5, when I don't know if the spelling is right omaly died I thought that was depressing and when the crazy shooter got in then I don't remember  after that, so I started at seaon 7 because I use to watch it on tv randomly when every they bring it and my sis is watching I'd watch :p.   Time to get serious back to work have great weekend :)