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20 Facts

20 facts about me so you can know more about me :p lets see where to start ... basics

1. What is my name ?
Mereyam  Goda
2. Where was I born ?
3. What is your nationality ?
4.Do you live there or have been there ?
I don't live in Ethiopia, and I have been there twice in my whole life.
5. When were you born ?
How many siblings you have ?
I have six siblings and I am the sixth the youngest of them ..
6. What's your zodiac ?
7.Most words said  ?
 Seriously ,sure :p
8. What kind of music do you like ?
All kind of music I mean it changes , I actually wanted to be a singer when I was 15 -16 I was looking into it seriously vocal couch (didn't find) the whole thang (now just sing to myself :) as well as modeling not where I live now and that tyra show about next top model hahahh I applied and after I did I read the rules I had to be American citizen :( bumped me down because I have never even been to America poor young crushed dream :p
9. Whats your favourite food ?
I don't have a favourite food I think oww I like sushi , noodles , does that count I am all about food but my stomach can't handle it really bad digestion there is a lot of food that I don't eat because of my stomach ... so I stick to a lot to fruits and vegetables and no I am not vegetarian because I sometimes eat chicken , fish and all the dairy.....
10. Sweet or Salty tooth ?
Honestly , I can't pick one its both because they are both my cravings :) on different times
11. Are you dependent or independent ?
No doubt I am independent . I think it is really important to be independent for ones own good . You just never know what life throws  at you ...
12. Movies or book ?
13. Do you cry with movies or books ?
first it was books and recently movies (lets keep that a secret , I am sentimental)
14. Do you have pets ?
No, unfortunately I don't I would love to have those little puppy(I saw one on facebook looks like a stuffed puppy toy) that looks like a toy , or a cat . My mom is allergic of everything so cat, dog are part of everything she will probably kick me out and keep the pet I will just get a turtle soon.
15. Favourite fruit?
you already know ...strawberries and all the other fruits :D
16. What are hobbies?
swimming , sketching , reading , playing psp , hanging out with friends , does sleeping count :p
17. What are you more interested in makeup or clothe ?
Both especially that I have elder sister who is into makeup and clothe and so I was into make up so early and experimenting with it as well clothe .
18. Do you have tattoos ?
19. Recent favourite series ?
Under the dome ,Mindy's project I don't know I am always changing and watching new things but never see the ending or most of the time .
20. What are your future plan?
Ommm, I have a lot of plans , and I always write it down in my diary and follow through. So I will just mention a few . First finish my uni , I want to have my own international clothing brand as well as many other things  , ext..

woo. who thought coming up with questions are such a hassle nahh not for you ..
If you have questions, email or comment below and if you like this post I will do another post of your questions :) have a good night ...