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Yesterday and today

Morning, you people are probably not awake yet it's 7 0'clock and I haven't slept yet from yesterday and can't. It's definitely because I am staying over at a friend house with my sis and another friend. Clearly I got issue sleeping out of my home sweet home . I am actually now in bed lying under the blankets (yes blanket with an s , I don't deal with cold very well) and everyone is snoring 0_o ...let me tell you about yesterday.  So this is what happened we all went my sis , neices and I met up with the girls at ikea because the kids liked their play area. So everything goes cool in the start kids in the play area we are having our coffee and chitchating.....I will get to the point so I go and get the kids and it seems that my sis and friends get into quarrel with a lady . Apparently while they where changing there seats she ignores/disrespects them and takes there table even though they told her and she saw them  while she was near another table they were setting there chairs for the kids and us ... of course my friends notice that she is a bedouin (even though thats not acceptable) she  starts swearing (as well as racist slur)at them and grabs my sis hands which pissed her off  my sis shrugs her hand and  looks at her and calls her a bitch this is the funny part she doesn't speak English and keeps on mumbling in arabic saying  you calling me beach ahahaha (she probably heard it on tv with an arabic translation ) of course my group shrugs her off then moves to another table taking the chair and my sis goes to buy the food . Keep in mind all that happens while I am going to pick up  the kids . So I am picking them I find my nieces crying yes both and there friend I think she cried a little this what happened with the kids the younger falls and hurts hers fingers playing , the eldest ear starts paining they raised the tv volume and it was crowded so I see them from far holding each other crying (poor babes) I grab them I start pointing out to the supervisor who are around 3 or 4 if I am not wrong   the one the kids spoke too that why didn't you call us directly when the kids told her they want to go . This was really the first time/incident that they are being careless and unprofessional ..she didn't even respond their was no excuse I just scolded her and moved on  the food court ...That's when the girls update me on the nonsense that happened and vice verse ..expression wise I was shocked and start laughing at the beeeeach and disgusted at the incident that took place. Few minutes later the lady comes with security 0_O seriously so she complains that she was harassed and violated by us ( my sis is still at  the court food ) long story short she just embarrassed herself in sooo many ways in front of the people the kids which was a sad part and we dismissed them and explained to the security that she created the problem and that we will not deal with this now in front of the kids... and they went it actually took longer talk of bullshit but I don't know how to put it in words...god the weird kind of bedouin saudi such a shame... although the incident was upsetting/annoying and funny at some parts but it ruined my mood half way but you know me I wont let shit like that get the best of me more ikea just because the kids are out growing it ....
 Now I am getting sleepy I will  try to nap  ... have nice day it's already 8 woow I wrote a lot ..:p