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Its almost morning

Hi , you all are probably sleeping if its night or almost sunrise like here yep a few hours . I am just getting ready to get in bed ..Today we had family outing well a few of my family to be specific my sis , mom and I so its just quarter of the family we went and checked out all the electronics (kitchen appliances, laptops and cameras, can't think of any other electronics......) the purpose was for the camera and laptop which I found and definitely settling for but will tell you about that later. Sis and I tried to watch a movie online on the tv and that didn't work because the laptop (which is my others sis laptop that is barely surviving) ,kept on getting jammed from all the times when we just figured it out how to watch on tv. So we watched on the satellite like we normally do and settled for royal pain episodes which was fine . And now I have to sleep for a few hours sleeping in the morning gives me headache and never get enough sleep ..eghhh .Good morning and Good night guys ....