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I just pulled myself out of bed .  I slept at 6 in the morning my brain wouldn't shut down to sleep and I was so sleepy ....zzzzzzzzz . A cold shower and you are wide awake. My friend is coming over now , she is got an appointment and the place is near home so we will hang out too ... She hasn't been over for long time ,a few years ago well when we had not much to do/younger we use to be at each other's home 2-3 times a week 0_o ahahah goofy girls we talk about everything and nothing :) . It's been a while since she came over if i am not wrong a year or less since she has been working/studying
other things same here (I feel old 0_0) so we have been busy and for some reason we plan somethings and doesn't go through... Will keep you updated now got to go :* Have a good day ....