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Just when I got Use to it

Hey guys , my friend left earlier then planned , most importantly we went to her appointment . We just hanged out caught up on things . We also watched "The conjuring " it is about paranormal things you know spirits and ghost and the whole chabank. I didn't want to watch it (mentally fragile)but she wanted a horror movie so I am like fine it's  probably  not scary at all got to me a little bit though.
I got to admit I jumped a few times and peed on myself but there were also parts that were lame/cliche, I enjoyed it , if I was in a different mood I might not have been spooked . The minute she left I ran into bed and slept , I was falling all over the place since I didn't sleep. Tomorrow I have got uni so I have to wake up early and get things ready :).....

My noseless bare and I with my braces I will be soon taking it off (a few months)just when I started liking it and getting use to it ..(I think it gives anyone a goofy look ahahah)