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If you guys are bookworms ,love just to read for pleasure,studies,collect books just as I do. I might be a late reader or wasn't much into it, till summer grade 6 was actually the first novel I read and finished for enjoyment. It was an fantasy,horror, witch/magical kind of novel unfortunately I don't remember the name of the novel/author of the book but definitely remember the story (especially green cat eyed old lady who scared me hahahah my child mind ). You have seen my previous post buying the shelf for my books yep which is small because I had to get rid of some and so that I can limit myself even though still not enough .So these picture that I gathered was from an assignment that I had and ended up collecting many many ID picture but unfortunately I don't recall where and which site/link I got it from .
I would love to have room/shelf like those :D 
Leave your comments below and if you have any suggestion for inspo to do..