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I got back at 2:30 from the mall they are still having there discounts which is great they had few good clothe/acessories/shoes . We ended our day at krispykreme and a coffee ,all of a sudden we hear loud voices of men and women surrounded at the escalator I couldn't see but all I got to know is some kid got tangled or fingers I don't know but some kid got hurt it was so scary :( , the poor kid was screaming. After a while people started clapping and screaming of joy :) fortunately the kid was fine (although I didn't see but the voices and the crying kid disturbed me..  ) ... Anyway we ate our donut , drank our coffee and got home in one piece .. I made sambosa and they look good made them with white cheese and some green thing I dont know whats it called hahha .. and another with spinach ... prepared it for tomorrow... since I wont be sleeping and its already 5 in the morning  will moisturize my hair and read some motivation book that I brought and haven't read it all  ... hope you all had a good day ..

Good morning and Good night....