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hellooo people , how are you ? I am doing great.  I haven't posted for the last 5 days since my blog  had some problems that my friend took care off ..I didn't even know why it didn't open as well as verification issue O_O (so glad to have a smart friend they come in use:). Now everything is well . (I have been going to interviews fff their jobs and their offers ..well they make me run the other way I need to create my own work..not thaat I haven't started its just that while you are in the beggining of your work you need to be working on something else for income ow well lets see how it goes.)The last few days I started working with a friend of mine (who also fixed my blog) on her handmade accessories + other things but I wont get much in detail .I am excited for her and working with her . Today plan is to go out with my siblings to a restaurant since 2 of them came a few days ago and will be leaving soon ....How was your day and the last 5 days that I was off the blog....Hope you have a nice day ;)