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Friday Coffee Night

Hey there, How are you ? I am doing great . I am posting on saturday instead of friday as the title says because there is no reason and I got lazy and went to bed . So yesterday I was craving for our tradition coffee . I have mentioned that I will post about it long time ago ....yikes (dont you see I post everyday it's just invisible ahhah ) . While I was doing the ceremony ...yes ceremony it takes a long time (few hours , 3 rounds for some reason don't know why) just a reason to gather and sip and smell the fresh coffee .... I took pictures of every step while I was doing .....(If you are ethiopian or got ethiopian friend or just know about the ceremony and tried it or not should try it , well you know how good it is :)..Don't forget to check out my instagram @mereyamgoda yes I am still new to it very outdated :/