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Sleeping day ..

Today was a fine day ..yeah right my day passed me by . My sleep timing is messed up I didn't attend uni today nor have I gone to my appointment . I went to bed 4:00 am in the morning to take nap till 7:00 am and I ended waking up in the afternoon. So much for long napping .  Then I went back to bed since everything passed me by I might as well enjoy my extra sleep . Wonder if there is such thing as sleep addict?? Well there is no chance of missing things tomorrow . Will go finish my book "The Hobbit " that I have been taking long to read although I am enjoying it . I actually borrowed it from a friend and it's been with me for a year if not more and just kept it there and got excited to read it when I saw the ad of the movie The Hobbit , thought of reading before wathing the movie . In my defence I was in a phase of not being able to read anything just for the pleasure ,no focus , I would day dream or just go through the words not even knowing what I am reading . Haa anyway I am almost ending the book and its great love those little hobbits :).