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This Sucks

Hellllooo bloggy,
How are you ? hope you are fine. I am doing alright just alittle bit unbalanced .
Where should I start from ?
First of all I hate that I have been extremely extra sensitive I wasnt like that . so everything gets on my nerve ever where I go and tears are just ready to spill . This has been going on for 4 month so unhealthy therfore i willl have to make changes from every part of my life that makes me unhappy . 
Have you ever felt that everything/one surrounding you is just moving forward except you ....fffffff annoying . The other thing is that i am sick of trying to get my work on and its just not working something or the other just comes up or am I doing something wrong . I feel so stuck ... what a disgusting feeling ..... just pointing I am not exactly who bitches often .........
I have exams and I need to concentrate see you in 2 weeks ...

Goodluck in life :D keep it smiling