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Girls Outing

So I am writing at midnight before going to sleep , didnt get time to post before going out  just took pictures and went out to a friend's house . Glad I chose to go instead of staying home and getting cranky .Anyway before getting back to routine on saturday making sure that I am out and about . So this friend I went to is hilarious aside from that she has parrot and cat pets which is cool except of the hair which is all over the house sorry to say I am not a fan . I always wanted a pet can't get one because my ma is alergic(cats ,dogs anything with fur ) and most of all I am irresponsible(who would chase them ,feed , bath and clean their pooop defintely not me ..yikes ). A little pet that you can't even feel their presence will do GREAT ....I am actuallly seriously thinking of a turtle you know like ninja turtle if you were of those times small and convenient .. I don't know though why not fish ?????? Moving on will see what I can get my hands on hheheheheeh so silly

In the last two pics my crossed eyes looks funny :P ....I take my own pics don't have a timer on my camera will have to figure it out some how ..

Good nighty ....zzzzzz