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Todays was a little different . Instead of going to work went late , I passed by to take my results and to  know my schedule not even out yet . Nevermind that got some sketches to do instead I am slacking ..seriously what is wrong with me instead of preparing myself :/ On top of that I am actually thinking on taking up a course I really know how to get myself into shit ... One minute I am motivated and ecstatic next minute I am a bummer neeeeeeeeeed a shrink . ....... I should call my future psychology friend she can do some shrinking on me heheh she would probably say your hopless hahahah I should call her that piece of girl :) Since my friend got her job we started seeing less of each other yeeep shes playing the buisness women . Naaah actually we both are busy with work and studies but we do Sometimes meet at tuition . Once a month . owww well its life :) got to go call her now today was her first day at work lazy job she has  .... have a nice day

Love ,