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Today and Yesterday

Yesterday , was a really heavy day or just felt like not a good day . Anyway was so irritated and my sweet mom was asking me to make buna (traditional ethiopian coffee) :/ this is the face that I made . Anyhow helped a little in preparing and she made the rest . Of course the whole family gathered around and lots of chitchat about everything and anything ate caking and of course the popcorn heheh so traditional . We then went to the shop(for my brother who's leaving today ) brought 2 dresses from h&m soon will take pics of ...
Today , the usual went to work although I planned to wear my dress but ended up jeans and a shirt . Time flew by at work today no biggy .. anyway got to go finish some work off ..

To the people who are having there weekend have a good one :)
And the ones in the beginning of the week ..stay strong few more days hahah ;)

Love ,

funny pics with my nephew and niece they love taking pics :)