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This Week from 15-19/9/12

Helllo Blogy,

Its been a week and I actually missed blogging . This week was such a tough week for me in every possible way it all just came togther again but hopefully it will get better. Since I missed blogging I think I can get used to this ....this can be addictive to if not done at least once (BLOG ADDICT ) hahah I think its to early to label my self as an addict but just feeling it heheh . I am so happy its weekend even though I have got crazy assignmentssssss and work and sketchesssss either way I am still ecstatic about my 2 days off Thursday and Friday. From uni saturday and sunday is of for national day we should have national day every day and have it off the whole year hahah that will be nice :) . I don't have plans I will see what I can come up with mmmmmm.... for now will try to finish as much as I can before tomorrow comes (I am such a liar / lazy) ...
Whats your plans for your weekend ? (A comment would be nice since I get vistors :) your welcome anytime :)


boredom :/ 
trying to wink hehe ;)