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Hanging out

Hello ,

Its midnight now and not sleepy at all and my friend just left . Since its a weekened and I spend it with a friend of mine . Who hasn't been coming over for a very long time nor have I seen her much ...yup she got into the adult world, work , study and never see her . Something like that (just kidding) . Any way I cooked Bashamel and she brought a salad  which was weird because it had (macaronni , apple , pineapple yogurt , mayonise  etc.. dont know what else ) I think I have said enough at first I found it weird but I liked it . It tasted good . I didnt download any movie next time when we meet up . We watched ''Modern family'' and she hasn't seen it before , she liked it .We ate sooo much ended with chocolate cake ,brought from my nephew's birthday which was also today . Off to finish somethings since I havent ran out of energy and not a bit sleepy .... :)

Night night kissses